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Baggage Delay Benefit

One of the less glamorous parts of traveling is the chance of a baggage delay, which can leave you without necessary items such as clothing and toiletries. Luckily, travel membership options from ARREVA Advantage offer baggage delay protection to ensure you can purchase essentials while waiting for your luggage to arrive.

ARREVA Advantage offers comprehensive coverage with luggage insurance protection at no additional cost through our ARREVA Advantage program. With our baggage protection coverage, all members who encounter a baggage delay for more than 24 hours can receive up to $750 per day for up to seven days to replace essential items.

In addition to our luggage insurance, all members have access to our 24/7 travel emergency and medical concierge services. Whether you need assistance filing a claim or locating places to purchase new toiletries and clothes, our expert team is always ready to help.

Image by Cristina Gottardi


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