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  • What quarantine services are offered through the ARREVA Advantage memberships?
    The Travel Assistance Provider will assist with arrangements to suit the member’s needs including lodging and meals.
  • How can I upgrade my membership?
    Contact ARREVA Advantage to discuss changes to your membership.
  • Am I covered for treatment of pre-existing conditions?
    Yes, emergent medical is covered while traveling outside of your home country.
  • How will I receive proof of membership?
    New members will receive an email confirmation at the time of purchase with a dedicated membership card, and plan documents providing full explanation of benefits. A subsequent email will be received from World Travel Protection (WTP), highlighting your travel assistance benefits and instructions on use of the 24/7 WTP App.
  • If I require a medical evacuation, will I be transported home or to a local medical facility?
    Contact the Travel Assistance Provider. A medical professional will assess whether a medical evacuation, quarantine or home evacuation will be required. If medical care is required, ARREVA Advantage will help arrange transportation and care. Depending on your medical condition, you will be transported home or to the appropriate medical facility.
  • Do I have the opportunity to cancel?
    No, the membership is non-refundable once purchased. This is larger than an insurance policy, it’s an annual membership experience that has offerings bigger than just a single trip
  • What happens if I get COVID while traveling?
    Contact the Travel Assistance Provider. A medical professional will assess whether a medical evacuation or quarantine will be required. If medical care is required, ARREVA Advantage will help arrange transportation and care.
  • Who are the partners powering ARREVA Advantage's Memberships?
    ARREVA Advantage is a partnership program with 3 of the finest entities in travel protection. REVA, Inc., has 30 years’ experience in air ambulance and medical transport, World Travel Protection has been offering travel assistance to individuals and families for over 30 years, and Starr Insurance has been providing travel and accident coverage globally since 1919.
  • If I contract or test positive for a pandemic or epidemic related illness, will I be covered for quarantine expenses and/or evacuated home? (Per country limitations)
    Contact the Travel Assistance Provider, and depending on a medically qualified assessment and evaluation will determine your eligibility for home transport or quarantine.
  • How are claims handled?
    For immediate assistance toll-free within US & Canada (Emergency & Non-Emergency) call: 1-833-515-3315. For worldwide immediate assistance (Emergency & Non-Emergency) call: 416-479-8005.
  • When is my membership active?
    You can choose when your membership is active, but no less than 48 hours after the time of purchase.
  • Am I limited to the number of trips I can take annually?
    No, your membership benefits and services are not limited by the number of trips you take annually. We encourage you to travel as much as possible, knowing ARREVA will be here to support you.
  • Do my membership benefits apply globally?
    Yes, your membership applies to any trip that is over 300 miles from your place of primary residence, with the exception of the countries listed in the following FAQ.
  • Do my membership benefits apply to day trips or only overnight trips?
    All trips are included outside a 300-mile radius of your primary residence.
  • How long is my membership and does it auto-renew?
    We offer both annual and short-term membership plans. Annual plans auto-renew each year, but our short-term plans are one-time only memberships that do not auto-renew.
  • What if I need to edit my membership information?
    To change membership information you either the option to contact ARREVA Advantage to discuss changes to your membership, or log into your account and change the information in your account
  • If I require medical care, will I incur any out-of-pocket costs?
    While traveling outside of your home country you are provided up to $100,000 in medical benefits both for covered accidents and any acute illness.
  • Are there any countries where my membership will not respond?
    EXCLUSIONS in the Policy is replaced with the following: war or any act of war, whether declared or not, occurring within the geographical limits, the territorial waters or the airspace above: [1) the Covered Person’s Home Country; and] [2) the following war-restricted countries: Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine.]
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