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Every 't' Crossed & 'i' Dotted.

While traveling under the protection of your ARREVA membership, we'll ensure you have the best insurance services for each plan. Every membership plan offers different services so you can receive the help you need. Learn more about our insurance services.




Out-of-Country Medical Benefit

Primary coverage for injuries or emergency sicknesses when traveling outside home country or country of permanent residence up to a maximum of $500,000 per person per trip.

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Pandemic or Epidemic Non-Hospital Evacuation

If you have to evacuate the place you're staying while traveling, you can have up to $250,000 covered when you're 300 miles from your permanent residence.

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Quarantine Mid-Trip Confinement Benefit

You can have up to $750 per day covered for 10 days if you have to quarantine while on your trip.

Emergency Medical Evacuation Benefit

You can get up to $250,000 covered while traveling more than 300 miles away from your permanent residence if you need an emergency medical evacuation.

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Repatriation of Remains

Sometimes, unfortunate circumstances happen while traveling and an untimely death occurs. When you want to return the remains to the deceased's family back home, we'll cover up to $250,000 if you're traveling more than 300 miles from home.

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Security Evacuation

When you have to evacuate from the country you're traveling in for your safety, you can have up to $250,000 of your insurance covered. 

Arrangements for Last Minute Flight and Hotel Changes

If any of your flights or hotel reservations get canceled last minute, we'll work with you to arrange new flights and lodgings.

Natural Disaster Evacuation

Whether you're traveling domestically or internationally, if you're 300 miles away from your home and need natural disaster evacuation, we can help. We'll provide coverage for up to $250,000.

Accidental Death Benefit

If an accidental death occurs, we'll cover a principal sum of $500,000 within a year of the date of the covered accident.

Accidental Dismemberment Benefits

When an accidental dismemberment incident occurs, we'll cover a percentage of a principal sum of $500,000. You have a year from the date of the incidents to claim the accidents that resulted in a covered dismemberment or paralysis.

Baggage Delay

If you don't receive your bags while traveling after more than 24 hours, you can get up to $750 per day for up to seven days to compensate for your lost luggage.

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Trip Interruption Benefit

You can receive reimbursement for your trip if it began but you must return home early due to an unforeseen incident. You can get up to $10,000 for trips that last less than 90 days.

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Personal Property (Stolen Goods)

If you have personal property stolen while traveling, you can obtain a reimbursement for the property. You must file a report to the local authorities about the incident within 48 hours to claim up to $3,000.

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Emergency Reunion Benefit

We can cover the expenses of one family member that needs to travel to the insured ill or injured person before or after an emergency medical evacuation. We'll cover up to $5,000 for the chaperone.

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Family Reunion Benefit

If a medical emergency occurs for the insured person, we can cover the expenses of a family member's travels to visit the insured person in the hospital. We'll cover up to seven days and a maximum benefit of $5,000.

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