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Emergency Medical Evacuation Benefit

At ARREVA, we offer comprehensive emergency medical evacuation protection for travelers through our ARREVA memberships. As direct operators of a fleet of air ambulances, our team will handle the entire process, from coordinating your medical evacuation to communicating updates to family members. As an ARREVA member, we don't just settle for taking you to the nearest medical facility, we can transport you to the hospital or medical facility of your choice. Travel with greater peace of mind when you enroll in our travel protection program.

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Medical evacuation coverage provides evacuation services for travelers if they become seriously ill or experience a severe injury and the local hospital does not have the resources for effective treatment. For example, if you are in a car accident in China, ARREVA can arrange for transportation to the hospital of your choice that can provide the proper care you need. 

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ARREVA features a collaboration between REVA®, World Travel Protection®, and Starr Insurance® to provide customers with the knowledge and confidence of years of combined experience.

By choosing ARREVA, you will have greater peace of mind while traveling due to our superior protection and world-class concierge services. 

In addition, ARREVA can give members access to:

  • 24/7 travel assistance

  • 24/7 medical assistance

  • Additional insurance benefits

Members can download our app or use our online portal to access real-time regional security alerts and medical information for pre-trip planning. We also offer white-glove concierge services to all ARREVA members to assist with any wants and needs you may have while traveling, including booking golf tee times, making reservations and providing legal referrals.

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