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ARREVA vs. Travel Insurance

Updated: Jun 4

Having protection for unexpected events, such as lost luggage or serious injuries, is essential when you’re traveling. ARREVA offers comprehensive travel and medical assistance year-round for an annual membership fee. In this guide, we will explore the differences between ARREVA and travel insurance and how you can benefit from our services.

What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a coverage plan that protects travelers from various risks and losses while away from home. These plans usually cover events such as:

  • Lost or delayed luggage: Accidents can happen during transit, and you may find yourself without the bags you packed for your trip. In these cases, travel insurance will compensate you for your losses. Some plans require itemized lists and receipts of your lost travel items, and others will reimburse you while you’re still on your trip.

  • Medical events: Your normal health insurance may not cover your medical bills while you’re in another country. Travel insurance assists you with receiving the care you need for an affordable price.

  • Cancellations: Travel insurance plans help you get refunds for last-minute cancellations due to unanticipated events. Some plans even offer an option to cancel for no reason, which allows you to receive a refund without needing to explain why you decided to stay home.

Ensure you check the fine details of your travel insurance plan, as some may not offer the coverage you are looking for. Options that your plan may not cover include:

  • Preexisting conditions: Some travel insurance plans may deny your claim if they check your medical records and see that you have a condition that existed before you left for your trip.

  • Political unrest: Not all plans will give you a refund if you cancel your trip due to concerns of violence in the area you’re planning to visit.

  • Financial default: Make sure you choose a plan that will refund your money if a travel supplier, such as an airport, hotel or tour company, stops operating or providing services due to financial issues.


ARREVA is a comprehensive Travel Membership Program that covers various travel and medical expenses as well as insurance services when you’re more than 300 miles from home or out of country. This plan is ideal for corporate and personal travelers, domestic travelers and international travelers.

When you choose this plan, you will enjoy several benefits, including:

  • 24/7 travel and medical assistance: We cover many of the same events as travel insurance agencies, such as lost luggage and interrupted trips. Also, as a direct operator, we will deploy immediately to meet your needs.

  • Concierge services: While our competitors will take you to the nearest hospital or destination to meet your needs, we will transport you to wherever you want to go. We also offer coverage for a family member to travel with you in some cases.

  • Quarantine benefits: We will cover your pandemic or epidemic non-hospital evacuations and mid-trip quarantine confinements if you select a premium or pandemic membership.

  • Evacuation benefits: While traveling under an ARREVA membership plan, we will ensure you have the best protection. Benefits include security and natural disaster evacuations to help you depart a country due to unsafe circumstances or weather.

  • Prescription replacement services: If you lose or misplace a prescription while abroad, our team can coordinate a prompt replacement so you can continue to stay healthy or recover from an illness.

  • Personal property benefits: If you are a victim of theft during your travels, ARREVA can provide reimbursement of up to $3,000 to replace your valuables and other items.

  • Out-of-country medical coverage benefits: Regardless of where you travel, ARREVA’s out-of-country medical benefits will provide primary coverage for injuries and emergency illnesses.

In addition to medical and travel coverage, all ARREVA members have access to our team of travel experts. Whether you need help booking flights or finding a hotel and dining recommendations, our team is here to take care of the details so that you can relax and enjoy your trip.

What’s the Difference?

There are several differences between ARREVA vs. travel insurance. When you choose an annual ARREVA membership, you’ll have access to your plan’s services all year for an annual membership fee, regardless of how many trips you take. On the other hand, you will need to find travel insurance for each trip you take, and it will cost a certain percentage of your initial travel expenses each time.

Unlike travel insurance rates and coverage, which may fluctuate based on your destination and the activities you plan on completing, ARREVA offers complete coverage without the need for price shopping. ARREVA also offers full coverage regardless of age, which could be a factor that causes insurance companies to cover less of your expenses. Whether you plan on participating in an adventure sport such as skydiving on your vacation or would like to travel in your retirement, ARREVA offers comprehensive coverage to ensure your next trip is safe and successful.

Why You Should Become an ARREVA Member

The unexpected can happen at any time, regardless if you’re traveling across the country or around the world. By becoming an ARREVA member, you will have complete protection and 24/7 access to our concierge services for greater peace of mind every time you travel.

We offer three plan options for members to choose the amount of coverage that best fits their travel needs. Our full range of benefits that we offer include:

  • Family reunion benefit

  • Emergency reunion benefit

  • Personal property protection

  • Trip interruption benefit

  • Baggage delay

  • Accidental dismemberment

  • Accidental death

  • Natural disaster evacuation

  • Security evacuation

  • Repatriation of remains

  • Emergency medical evacuation benefit

  • Out-of-country medical benefit

  • Quarantine mid-trip confinement benefit

  • Pandemic or epidemic non-hospital evacuation

  • 24/7 medical concierge assistance

  • 24/7 travel concierge assistance

All members have access to our app and online portal, which feature current medical information and real-time security alerts to assist with trip planning. Members can also take advantage of our white-glove concierge services. Our premium concierge services can help with reservations, lost baggage retrieval and day trip planning.

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