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Can I Purchase Travel Protection After Booking My Trip?

Updated: Jun 4

Imagine you’ve booked the trip of a lifetime in advance, completed all the payments and even looked at different travel insurance policies. However, you didn’t buy a plan right away because you believed you had plenty of time before leaving to make a purchase. When you finally set aside some time to purchase your insurance, you realize that it’s too late to qualify for coverage for your pre-existing condition.

With typical insurance plans, timing is everything. If you wait too long, you may not qualify for specific coverage, which can significantly impact your trip.

At REVA, we understand that when you need travel coverage, you want it on your schedule, which is why we offer ARREVA travel membership programs. Travelers can activate their membership 48 hours after purchase without worrying about missing coverage to allow for greater protection and peace of mind while traveling.

When Is it Too Late to Add Travel Protection?

Generally, you can add travel protection after booking as long as you purchase it before the start date of your trip. However, for maximum protection, it’s best to buy coverage when you make your reservation. When you purchase travel coverage from ARREVA as soon as possible, you’ll be confident you will have protection. Members also have access to our concierge services to assist with planning and other trip needs.

Benefits of Buying Travel Protection Early

While you can wait until a few days before your trip to buy coverage, it’s best to find and purchase protection as soon as you make your reservations. Getting protection as soon as possible allows for benefits such as:

  1. Longer coverage window for trip cancellation: Trip cancellation coverage begins simultaneously with your travel protection. It’s important to remember this coverage will not protect against illnesses and injuries that happen before the coverage starts, which is another good reason to buy trip cancellation protection as soon as possible.

  2. Coverage for foreseeable and unforeseeable events: If you wait to purchase travel protection after a severe weather warning, you may not be eligible for coverage. However, you will be eligible for coverage if you have travel protection before an unforeseeable event such as weather arises.

  3. Protection for pre-existing medical conditions: Many traditional travel insurance plans have stipulations regarding supplying coverage for pre-existing conditions. Our ARREVA membership plans provide full coverage for treatment or pre-existing conditions while traveling, making it essential to purchase your membership plan as soon as possible to ensure you are safe and have the necessary coverage while traveling.

When Is Travel Coverage Necessary?

There are several instances when travel coverage is essential. For example, if you plan to travel outside the country, travel protection will ensure you still have access to medical care internationally. Travelers who plan on participating in risky activities such as hiking or bikingmay also wish to invest in travel protection from companies such as REVA, as we provide emergency airlift services and reimburse any medical bills.

The ARREVA Difference

At REVA, we want to help all travelers enjoy comprehensive coverage throughout their journey. With three different membership options available, we make it easy to find the exact benefits you need. Some of the coverage options available through our membership plans include:

  • Pandemic or epidemic non-hospital evacuations.

  • Quarantine mid-trip confinement benefits.

  • Out-of-country medical benefit.

  • Emergency medical evacuation benefit.

  • Repatriation of remains.

  • Security evacuations.

  • Natural disaster evacuation.

  • Accidental death benefit.

  • Accidental dismemberment benefits.

  • Trip Interruption benefit.

  • Baggage delay.

  • Theft of personal property.

  • Emergency reunion benefit.

  • Family reunion benefit.

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