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What Is Travel Insurance, and What Should It Cover?

Updated: Jun 4

Whether you’re going on a dream vacation or taking a trip across the country for a family reunion, you may consider travel insurance. Understanding what trip insurance is and the coverage it can provide can help you decide whether travel insurance is right for you.

What Is Trip Insurance?

Travel insurance protects travelers against any risks or financial losses that may occur while traveling. A travel insurance policy can cover minor inconveniences such as lost luggage or help you recover from crises such as major injuries. Depending on the type of plan you choose and your timing, you can also receive coverage for damage to a rental car, pre-existing conditions and trip cancellations.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

While every policy is different, travel insurance can cover a wide range of possible losses and types of damage:

  • Injury or illness: Travel insurance can provide coverage for medical expenses abroad that regular health insurance may not cover. Your travel insurance policy will work with your current health insurance and supplement medical costs relevant to your trip.

  • Lost or stolen luggage: If an airline loses your bags, receiving compensation for your missing luggage can be challenging. A comprehensive travel insurance policy will help you cover expenses if you lose your personal belongings.

  • Cancellations: Most resorts and cruise lines do not give travelers a full refund if their plans change, and some charge cancellation fees. Since unforeseen circumstances can happen, travel insurance will help you cover costs from trip cancellations.

  • Credit card coverage: Many credit cards have restrictions regarding cancellations, interruptions and offer little coverage for the more expensive travel risks. Travel insurance provides coverage for medical expenses and emergency evacuations.

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Before you explore your options for travel insurance, it’s helpful to look at factors such as your trip’s cost, your destination and who is traveling with you.

If you invested a significant amount of money into your trip, consider travel insurance. A travel protection plan may also be a good idea if you travel globally or to a remote area where the nearest hospital or medical facility is not easily accessible.

While it’s impossible to predict what may happen on your vacation — especially if you travel with children or older adults — travel insurance will give you peace of mind before and during your trip.

Experience a Travel Insurance Alternative With an ARREVA Membership

If you are still unsure about whether to buy travel insurance, alternatives such as an ARREVA membership are available. ARREVA is a medical and travel insurance service and provides 24-hour transportation, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Travel with more peace of mind knowing we will provide medical transport and travel assistance whenever and wherever you need it.

ARREVA is our white-glove, concierge coverage option that provides an array of premium membership services for you and your family. Sign up for the travel insurance plan that best meets your needs today!

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