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Does Travel Insurance Cover Winter Storms?

Updated: Jun 4

This holiday season an arctic blast swept the U.S. causing plummeting temperatures, horrendous blizzards, frozen roads and widespread travel chaos. According to Flight Aware, between Wednesday Dec. 21 and Monday Dec. 26, more than 17,000 flights were canceled, frustrating travelers who wanted to visit family for the holidays.

Travel Insurance Winter Storms
Does travel insurance cover winter storms? Yes. Trip delays, cancellations, interruptions, medical emergencies and air evacuations are all covered for ARREVA members.

Winter storms not only cause emotional turmoil, they also cost travelers time and money on unexpected hotel stays, extra transportation needs, added food costs and missed reservations. In the frenzy, many travelers also face uncertainty with missing checked bags. So how can a traveler protect their sanity, belongings and pocketbook from winter storms?

Travel insurance is designed for this. Travel insurance policies, like those offered by ARREVA, protect you in case of severe weather and natural disasters.

Travel Insurance Winter Storms
According to Business Insider's 2019 report, more than 60,000 flights are canceled in the U.S. every year due to winter storms. You can protect yourself and your pocketbook by purchasing a travel insurance plan.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Travel Delays Caused by Winter Weather?

Yes. ARREVA's travel insurance plans do cover travel delays. You can be reimbursed for eligible expenses including meals, accommodation, transportation and other inconveniences. Additionally, our 24/7 team is there to help you make all the arrangements. If any of your flights or hotel reservations get canceled last minute, our travel concierge team, through World Travel Protection, will also work with you to arrange new flights and lodging. While you’re dashing through crowds at the airport, our friendly concierge team can be making your travel arrangements. You essentially have a personal assistant to help you, and your insurance pays the tab. Knowing you have an advocate on your side, and are protected from unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, helps you travel with peace-of-mind even when snow storms hit.

Trip cancellation insurance winter storms
From Dec. 21 to Dec. 26, 2022 more than 17,000 flights were canceled due to an arctic blast that swept the nation. Those travelers could have been financially protected if they were ARREVA members.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Me if My Trip is Interrupted by a Winter Storm?

Yes. Through ARREVA's Trip Interruption Benefit you can receive reimbursement for your trip if you must return home early due to an unforeseen incident (for example you get in a car accident on icy roads or your tour is canceled because of a storm). You can get up to $10,000 for trips that last less than 90 days. Trip interruption coverage can compensate for non-refundable trip expenses such as hotel reservations. You may receive reimbursement for booking new flights home or paying for another night at your hotel. You can also utilize trip interruption insurance if you end your vacation early.

Does Travel Insurance Help Me with My Missing Bags Caused by Winter Storms?

Yes. If you don't receive your bags while traveling after more than 24 hours, you can get up to $750 per day for up to seven days to compensate for your lost luggage. The travel membership options from ARREVA offer baggage delay protection to ensure you can purchase essentials while waiting for your luggage to arrive. In addition to our luggage insurance, all members have access to our 24/7 travel emergency concierge services. Whether you need assistance speaking to airport authorities to find your bag, or locating places to purchase new toiletries and clothes, our expert team is always ready to help you tackle the challenges.

What Happens if I Get in An Accident Because of a Winter Storm While Traveling?

Winter storms don’t just cause havoc at the airport, they can also cause havoc on the road. If you’re on vacation and get in an accident, ARREVA's plans cover a wide range expenses, including:

  • Medical Expenses - If you are traveling out of the country–let’s say for a ski trip in the Alps–and you have an accident or medical emergency, ARREVA will pay for your medical expenses up to a maximum of $500,000 per person per trip.

  • Medical Evacuation - If you need to have an emergency medical evacuation and you’re more than 300 miles away from your permanent address, ARREVA will cover you. You can get up to $250,000 covered to bring you where you need to go, whether that’s to a medical facility, or home.

  • Family Member Travel - If a medical emergency occurs for an insured person, we can cover the expenses of a family member's travels to visit the insured person in the hospital. We'll cover up to seven days and a maximum benefit of $5,000.

  • Emergency Reunion Benefit - We can cover the expenses of one family member that needs to travel to the insured ill or injured person before or after an emergency medical evacuation. We'll cover up to $5,000 for the chaperone.

  • Travel Concierge - In addition to insurance benefits, ARREVA's travel concierge team is also there to help you make all your medical and travel arrangements should you need help.

Travel Insurance for Winter Storms
ARREVA members get to travel with peace-of-mind knowing they are protected physically and financially should they encounter troubles caused by winter storms.

Stay Protected From Winter Storms With Travel Insurance

If you’re considering traveling this winter, you might want to consider becoming an ARREVA member. Our members travel with peace-of-mind knowing they have a team of advocates to help them tackle challenges, make arrangements and cover the costs of interrupted travel, delays, accidents and medical emergencies. We offer annual plans for individuals who travel frequently, or short-term plans for single trips. Call us today to learn more about how we protect and advocate for you while you’re away from home.

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