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Why You Should Get Good Travel Insurance Before Going on a Cruise

Updated: Jun 4

A lot of people feel very comfortable on a cruise ship and don’t see the need to get travel insurance before sailing. They don’t consider the possibility that anything can go seriously wrong during a tour on shore or even aboard the ship.

As a result of that thinking, only about 30 percent of cruise ship tourists take out any kind of travel insurance. Even if they do take out insurance, they may find out after an incident that they have no coverage.

Not long ago, a 23-year-old Scottish man was on a cruise in Barbados when he dove into a swimming pool and broke his neck. Not only was he paralyzed fro

m the neck down after the unfortunate dive—his insurance provider refused to pay for medical treatment and repatriation because there had been a “no diving” sign at the end of the pool. To foot the bill, his family had to mortgage the house and spend more than $120,000 to have him flown home from Barbados.

Too many travelers don’t expect anything really bad to happen to them on a cruise ship since many of them have medical centers on board. However, those are relatively limited and often cannot deal with serious injuries.

After a serious incident, it often comes as a shock to cruise ship passengers when they learn that they have to get off the ship. Sometimes, they are presented with the fine print on their tickets to understand that the medical staff has the right to disembark them. This actually happens more frequently than people assume. Often, medical emergencies can develop suddenly and unpredictably, like acute appendicitis, or a heart attack.

ARREVA is a comprehensive travel membership program that covers various travel and medical expenses as well as insurance services when you’re more than 300 miles from home or out of the country. This plan is ideal for corporate and personal travelers, domestic travelers, and international travelers.

Even in the most extraordinary events, Arreva has planes that will get you home in the most appropriate way required—whether by air ambulance or private jet. For example, Arreva has a partnership with Tropic Ocean Airways, a company providing first-class private charter and scheduled service flights throughout Florida, the Bahamas, and other places. Tropic Ocean has one of the highest safety ratings in the industry.

While traveling under the protection of your ARREVA membership, we'll ensure you have the best insurance services for each plan. For more information about our membership plans, call (877) 842-0007.

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