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Pandemic Non-Hospital
Evacuation Coverage

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the travel industry forever in 2020. As more countries begin to lower restrictions and travelers feel more comfortable taking trips again, the need for comprehensive travel protection is greater than ever. 

At ARREVA, we help travelers prepare for their next voyage by providing pandemic-specific coverage in our ARREVA Premium and ARREVA Pandemic plans. Whether this is your first trip in a long time or one of many, you can rely on us to help you prepare for the unexpected. Never again will you be stuck away from home because of a pandemic illness.

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ARREVA offers pandemic travel coverage to afford travelers specific protections against pandemic-related events, such as the need to quarantine or a non-hospital evacuation. Given the speed with which national and local restrictions can change, having an ARREVA travel protection membership can give you true peace of mind when traveling again. The safety net of our pandemic travel coverage will protect both your finances and overall health for greater peace of mind.  Don't let untimely positive tests or unexpected travel restriction changes shackle your travel plans.

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Pandemic travel protection from ARREVA is more valuable than ever, especially as travelers strive to gain control over the many unforeseen circumstances that can arise on a trip. Having COVID-19 travel protection in place can provide comprehensive coverage for the following situations:

Medical Emergencies

No matter where you're going, it's essential to have health coverage that provides adequate protection and travels with you. Most medical plans based in the United States do not provide coverage abroad, making it necessary to purchase an ARREVA Advantange travel membership plan to stay covered while out of the country. Our protection for medical emergencies includes out-of-country medical benefits and mid-trip quarantine confinement benefits. 


Trip Interruption

One of the biggest worries of travelers during the COVID-19 era is the possibility of having to end their trip early due to public or private health concerns. ARREVA's trip interruption benefits reimburse travelers for any non-refundable payments if they have to end their trip early due to contracting COVID-19 or rising public health concerns. Our trip interruption resolution services also include helping you find and schedule transportation back home.


Emergency Medical Evacuation

As you travel, you likely don't stop to consider whether the local hospital could provide effective care if an accident or illness were to occur. Luckily, with emergency medical evacuation benefits from ARREVA Advantage, you will receive coverage for transportation to the closest medical facility that fits your care needs. You can trust our expert team to deliver world-class services and safely get you to the nearest suitable facility.

Travel Assistance

Due to the unpredictability and uncertainty surrounding traveling, it can be difficult to predict what kind of assistance you may need and when making it essential to have a travel membership plan with 24/7 travel assistance. Our team of travel experts is only one phone call away — we can provide efficient solutions at any time, anywhere.

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