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We offer comprehensive corporate travel membership plans to provide maximum coverage for the many unforeseen events that may occur while your employees travel.

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Out-of-Country Medical Benefits


Once your employee leaves the United States, their standard health insurance coverage is no longer valid. With our membership plans, your employee will have up to $100,000 in out-of-country medical coverage. This primary coverage can reimburse your employee for an illness or injury requiring urgent medical care.


Medical Emergencies


A medical emergency could happen at any time, potentially causing your business trip to come to a halt. Health care can be costly abroad, especially if your employee requires hospitalization. Having an ARREVA Advantage membership in place can cover the cost of hospitalization, allowing your employee to travel with the peace of mind that they have protection in the event of an emergency.


Trip Interruption


While it is never ideal to end a trip early, unforeseen circumstances such as your employee having a family emergency may leave you no choice but to cancel the remainder of your company's travel plans. With an ARREVA Advantage membership, you will receive compensation for financial losses such as non-refundable flights and hotel bookings to ensure your trip interruption is not a complete financial loss. Our team can also rebook all delayed flights or hotel stays so your employee can complete their trip at a later date.

Personal Property Protection


If your employee is the victim of theft and loses vital business documents or equipment, that loss can be disastrous for them as well as your company. With an ARREVA Advantage membership, you will have personal property protection to reduce any monetary losses your company may experience.


Baggage Delays

Along with their personal property, your employee's luggage may contain vital documents or company laptops containing crucial information. If a baggage delay were to occur, it could prevent your company from fulfilling the purpose of the business trip and cause financial losses. With an ARREVA Advantage membership, your employee will receive compensation for the delay of their luggage. We can also assist with locating the lost baggage to allow them to fulfill the goal of their business trip.

Loss of Documents

Travel documents such as passports and identification cards are essential when traveling abroad. However, it is possible to misplace these critical documents while traveling from border to border. With our corporate travel membership program, your employee can contact one of our team members for assistance with obtaining a duplicate of the lost or stolen document and help to cover any costs associated with this process.

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