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7 Unique Places Every Global Traveler Must Go

Updated: Jun 4

Travel lovers visit all kinds of major destinations, from London and Paris to Tokyo and Sydney. If you still have adrenaline for traveling, consider visiting more undiscovered spots! Here are unique vacation ideas for your next trip with family or friends.

7 Hidden Gem Travel Destinations

You and your traveling companions can have fun exploring new countries.

1. The Azores Islands

Explore the Azores Islands off the coast of Portugal. The archipelago consists of nine islands you can travel to make memorable experiences. Everyone has opportunities, whether you want to hike, explore the villages or watch whales. The Azores Islands values leading a sustainable lifestyle, placing first in archipelagos with sustainability.

You can also complete ropes courses, go scuba diving and more.

2. Mozambique

See over 1,200 species while diving off the coast of Mozambique. The country is home to some of the world’s best and most pristine dive sites. You can also indulge in fresh seafood and Portuguese-influenced dishes like peri-peri chicken or prawns. Learn about the country’s history and artists while visiting museums, art galleries and murals.

3. Georgia

Visit Georgia, a country between Europe and Asia, for views of stunning mountains, beaches, history, nightlife and more. You can go hiking in beautiful mountains one day, then lounge on the beach another day. Visit the medieval land of Svaneti, full of watchtowers and centuries of history. You could also hike around the Martivili Canyon or raft down the Okatse River.

4. Manono

If you want to unplug and relax, consider visiting Manono, a Samoa island. The island is full of rich culture, heritage and history. When you visit, you can leave behind the complications of modern life and relax in a peaceful environment. Experience a more traditional and slower way to live while on the island. No cars or dogs are on the island, helping keep Manono quiet and peaceful.

You can visit several archaeological sites on the island, including the Grave of 99 Stones and the star mound on top of a mountain.

5. Corfu

Spend time in Greece on an island where ancient history meets modern sensibilities. You can visit the oldest village on the island, Perithia, to learn about the island’s history and see how the island has evolved since the 14th century. Discover eateries to try authentic Greek food and walk stone paths that are mostly tourist-free.

Whether you venture around Corfu by yourselves or follow a tour guide, you and your travel companions will have fun.

6. Malta

Eat, swim and explore the Mediterranean when you visit Malta. The country has so much history, being home to some of the oldest free-standing temples worldwide. There are multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites, museums, archaeological sites and more around each island that tourists can walk around to learn about the country’s history.

Lounge on the beach or swim and dive in the crystal-clear blue waters. The nightlife and restaurants are also must-have experiences.

7. Namibia

Have fun climbing the highest sand dunes in the world, watching wildlife and learning about new cultures by visiting Namibia, a country in Africa. You can see the Damara, San and Himba tribes and learn about their cultures. You can also hike through national parks. Namibia is a hidden gem for tourists to explore.

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